MAM College of Pharmacy, Kalaburagi
(Permitted by Govt. of Karnataka,
G.O.No.AKK179PTD2017. DT.30/01/2018;
Approved by AICTE, SW/2018/1-3672585 & PCI, 32-1455/2017-PCI;
Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences,
Bangalore, ACA/F/PH-103/2018-19)

About Us


The Apsara Charitable Trust was formed in 2005 and it commenced its activities by taking over the Sparkles International School established in 2007 and then establishment of MAM Pre-university College in 2016. Since its perception, Trust is involved in various activities like organizing education promotion program, health & family welfare program, agriculture promotion program, computer training program, vocational training program etc for the benefit of society. The trust has the object of catering to the educational needs of the society.


Details about the Promoting Body

2. Address C/o Sparkles International School, P.B.No. 86,P & T Colony, Old Jewargi Road, Gulbarga-585102
3. Certificate of Registration as a Trust 47/05-06, DATED: 28-05-2005
4. Constitution Section 4 of Indian Trust Act 1982
5. Telephone Number +91 8472 224411
6. Fax Number +91 8472 243090
7. Activity of the Trust Education and Not for profit activities



About the Institution

Apsara Charitable Trust's MAM College of Pharmacy, Gulbarga- An institute offering Four years graduate course in Pharmacy (B.Pharm) affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka, Bangaluru. The MAM College of Pharmacy starts with focus in developing a centre of excellence in pharmacy education. The institutes follow the curriculum syllabus pedagogy which not only covers with pharmaceutical industry requirement but also covers with community pharmacy. This opens a window of opportunity for development of Indian Pharma and management system at global level. We propose to exploit this opportunity to be the pioneer in the field of developing Pharmacy blended graduates with Pharma technocrats and hospital/community pharmacist.

Buildings and Facilities in the Campus:

The Campus of the College is one of the most beautiful campuses. Ample circulation space, facilities as toilets, common rooms etc. are made available. All the buildings have G + 3 patterns. It will resemble a large, self-contained area with lecture theatres, seminar rooms, and Laboratories, Library, cafeterias and sports facilities. Each department will be provided with space and facilities as per norms. There is a medicinal garden in the campus.


Objectives of the institution


Areas of Focus

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