MAM College of Pharmacy, Kalaburagi
(Permitted by Govt. of Karnataka,
G.O.No.AKK179PTD2017. DT.30/01/2018;
Approved by AICTE, SW/2018/1-3672585 & PCI, 32-1455/2017-PCI;
Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences,
Bangalore, ACA/F/PH-103/2018-19)


MAM College of Pharmacy at Gulbarga, Karnataka situated in calm, peaceful and pollution free environment best suited to academic pursuit. MAM College of Pharmacy has constructed a 4- storied building. The MAM College of Pharmacy has the fully developed Infrastructure representing spacious lecture halls, tutorial rooms, administrative office, seminar hall, library, computer centre, pharmaceutical laboratories and other amenities like boy’s common room, girl’s common room, cafeteria etc. Museum at MAM College of Pharmacy is facilitated with all kinds of educative Anatomical Models, Specimens, and Photographs etc. It also provides information about herbal drugs by housing herbarium, specimens, photographs, and samples etc. The college has big play ground for outdoor games and has gym facility. All basic amenities like drinking water, electricity, power back-up and internet facilities have been provided by MAM College of Pharmacy.



The classrooms seminar hall has diffused lighting walls and ceilings that are designed to achieve best acoustic balance. These classrooms equipped with LCD projection system. Every lecture theatre is fitted with a black board and has a comfortable sitting capacity for 60 students in each class. The classrooms are fully-aided with latest audio-visual teaching tools to facilitate smooth transfer of knowledge.



MAM College of Pharmacy is well equipped with laboratories and equipment to give the students hands on training in the field of pharmacy. The college has sufficient number of labs for undergraduate training in all the major areas of pharmacy. The labs are well furnished and designed to permit students ample working space. All security measures have been put in place to assist in case of emergencies. The area of the laboratories complies with AICTE standards (75 m2) and the equipments are maintained as per PCI guidelines. The various labs available are

Pharmaceutics Lab

The Laboratory mainly deals with the development of dosage forms and its evaluation. This laboratory has all basic and advanced facilities for undergraduate level experiments related to dosage form design and its basic evaluation. Our laboratory facilities enable students to understand all intricacies of manufacturing of any dosage form. Pharmaceutics laboratory has all the basic instruments like, Roche Friabilator, Dissolution Testing Apparatus, liquid filling machine, ointment filling machine, Clarity Testing Apparatus etc. and modern instruments which are essential to conduct experiments.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab

In this lab, students learn about synthesis of pharmaceuticals compounds, its re-crystallization (purification), identification and analysis. This laboratory is well equipped with fuming hood and safety measure equipments like, safety showers installed.

Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab

The lab is equipped with sophisticated instruments like Analytical Balances, equipments and glassware pertaining to quantitative analysis of various drugs by I.P., B.P., U.S.P. methods. Various experiments set up of the lab include acid base, redox, complexometric, Gravimetric, Non-aqueous, potentiometric, spectrophotometric titrations, Karl Fischer titrations, fluorimetric estimations, conductometric estimation of buffer capacity etc.

HAP/ Pharmacology Lab

Anatomical diagrams of important organs are displayed in this lab to facilitate the students to study human anatomy & physiology. The lab has number of microscope, projection microscope, histological slides etc.  Pharmacology involves experimental demonstration of drug effects on different tissues & organs. It is tested on animals like frogs, guinea pigs etc. The computer simulation experiments are provided using projection facility in the lab.



The college has centrally located, well maintained, state-of-the-art computer centre. The centre has PCs in 1;8 ratio with latest configuration along with 32 Mbps internet connectivity. The language laboratory plays an important role in the process of good communication skill. The Language Laboratory have advanced configuration computer systems and innovative products such as digital multimedia control, headsets, microphones, overhead projectors, LCD, audio-video system, the interactive response control, etc. which are very useful for students learning languages for communication.



Library is the place where ideas generate and vision broadens. The institute initiates students to use library for all the time. The institute’s central library covers a ground area of about 151 m2. The library has been carefully designed to maximize natural lighting to the users and provide a comfortable seating and reading environment. The library is furnished with ergonomically designed seating arrangements. The Library is made self-sufficient with all the academic requirements. The library is provided with good number of volumes of books belong to various core subjects of Pharmaceutical sciences as per norms. The library is well equipped with modem facilities and resources like CD-ROMs, online database, National & International journals, E-books, E-journal & News papers. Reprography facility is available to the students and faculty members. in terms of national/international Journals, CDs and Books as per AICTE and University norms.



College has a very well planned and maintained medicinal garden. The medicinal plants procured from various herbal gardens and wild are being maintained in the college campus. Students learn about basic information regarding their sources, family, chemicals constituents, and uses. There is a collection of more than 50 plants of medicinal importance.


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